We love Dads, too!

List of Helps Available

We are committed to connecting you to the help and hope you are looking for.  Click on each option to learn more.

Single & Parenting Support Group

This group meets at First Christian Reformed Church.  New groups start in September and January.  Add more information.  To learn more, please contact the church at 231-924-2460 or 1stfremontcrc@gmail.com.

Adoptive Parents

We have a list of couples who are willing to adopt.  If you are looking for adoptive parents for your unborn child, please fill out this form.

Insight 4 Dads

We partner with Insight Pregnancy Services to offer this class.  To learn more about what they offer, please visit www.insightpregnancy.com.  Call or text 231.335.2413


We have several housing options in the Newaygo County area.  If you're in need of housing, please fill out this form.


We have volunteers willing to provide transportation.  If you're in need of transportation, please fill out this form.


If you have a need other than those listed above, please fill out this form.